Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Qoinad? is an advertising platform operating in Bitcoins that connects marketers, advertisers and website owners with online earning seekers from all over the world into a stable win-win environment. Some Advertise/Some Earn...Some Advertise and Earn!
Is it Free to join?
Yes! Qoinad is 100% Free To Join And Free to Earn! However, we do offer two types of Affordable Upgrades that comes with more benefits all the way from raising your rewards and referral commissions to Free BTC for advertising purpose. Up to 50 % commission on referral upgrade!Log in and click Upgrade Menu for more details.
How Qoinad works?
Well, our advertisers purchase traffic (in form of PTC Ads), Facebook Likes, Get Paid To Packages and so on while other members perform those simple tasks and get rewarded for doing so.Depending on Membership type, our members also get Qoinad PTS for every new referral as long with lifetime BTC commissions for every task performed by those and also from any purchase they make .
How much a member can earn?
There is no limitation on how much a member can earn.It purely depends on the amount of tasks available to be performed on our platform as well with his implication, downline size, and the Membership Type.
Why the amount of BTC to be paid for a purchase along with earning rates are constantly changing?
Because we strived to create a system fair and square! All the prices and earning rates are flexible and change daily according to current Bitcoin price related to Fiat Currencies.So, we are fair to both advertisers and earners regardless of Bitcoin price taking off or drop like a rock.
When can I withdraw my earnings?
Requesting a withdraw is possible on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.Minimum request amount is 0.00027 BTC
In how much time I will get my payment? What about the fee?
All withdrawals are processed next day after request.The fee is 5 %. NOTE: We can not add a time frame between us sending the payment and YOU the user receiving confirmations on the blockchain network.
What i can advertise and how to pay?
As our PTC Ad Packages supports everything from websites to Youtube links,Facebook, Twitter and any other Social Pages,feel free to promote any of those respecting the Terms of Service. Payments for advertising purchase shell be made using Bitcoins Only . We will review and activate your campaign shortly after recieving 1 confirmation.
What PTC Cashback is? How it works?
Whenever you purchase a PTC Ad Package you get a certain percentage of your Bitcoins spent back into your Traffic Balance which can be only used to start new campaigns and deliver traffic to your offers. The more visitors and the higher is the length of your Ads purchased via PTC Packages the more Cashback you get! Of course, you need to be a registered member to benefit
Can I have multiple accounts or even use a software that does the tasks for me? Feeling quite lazy...
Well, you can try but once our system detects this kind of behavior what will happen is having all your accounts terminated and IPS blocked.We believe that is no need for a member to own more than one account! Disclaimer for Advertising Content: Qoinad is not responsible for any loss or damage created by joining any offer advertised on our platform by any individual/s.
What are the benefits for upgrading?
By upgrading to a higher membership you will earn more on each task you and your downline perform.Also, you get higher commissions on your referrals purchases, upgrades and free BTC for advertising purpose.
You can find all the rates on the Upgrade menu inside your account
Can I join without a sponsor?
Yes sure you can
I forgot my password what shell i do?
Just visit, click the Login/Forgot Password-Pin and fill out your email. You will receive further instructions into your mailbox.
What is the Quick Daily Task?
As the name tells it is a quick daily task.Our members need to surf 4 websites for few seconds each every day in order to gain access to Earning Menu.The traffic generated goes as a bonus to people that have purchase PTC Ad Packages and therefore you the member will have more and more PTC ads to view and earn.
How often can I click advertisements?
Same PTC Ad can be seen and get credited once per day.Server time resets at 00:00.
Make sure you check our platform often because we will be approving new campaigns several times per day.
Do I need referrals to get rewards from this site?
No, but promoting can increase your earnings.
I'm not very good at promoting, can I buy Referrals?
Yes. We sell referrals that joined our platform without a sponsor. There is no guarantee that he /she will be active but those are real people 100%.Availability also not guaranteed.
Can we rent referrals?
No.For the moment we do not provide such service for various reasons.
What is Earn Balance (Main)?
Earn balance is where all your earnings go, including referral commissions and from there you can withdraw your Bitcoins to personal wallet once having the minimum amount to do so.
What is Ad Balance?
You can refer to Ad Balance as a Purchase Balance. Here is where you can deposit funds for advertising and Upgrading purpose.
Can i transfer funds from Earn (Main) Balance to Ad Balance?
Yes.Feel free to advertise even using your own earnings.
What is Traffic Balance?
 In Traffic Balance you recieve Cashback for PTC AD Packages purchased and bonus for Upgrading.Using funds from here you can start campaigns and send traffic to your offers. Traffic Balance is not transferable nor withdrawble.
 What are Qoinad PTS?
Qoinad PTS are points that you receive for referring new members, performing tasks, liking FB pages and as referral commissions depending on your Membership. Feel free to transfer those to any balance including Earning Balance once reached 1000 units. Qoinad PTS- BTC rate varies
 My question is not answered here. What shell i do?
Feel Free to reach us by opening a support ticket. We will reply as fast as possible.